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Kristi Hulme

Sept 11, 1986 - Mar 6, 2024

We are saddened to share the loss of our sister, niece, granddaughter, and friend. Kristi was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at the end of February 2024 and she started declining rapidly. She chose to beat cancer to the final punch with the selection of medical aid in dying. Because of her choice, she passed away peacefully at home at 5:36pm on March 6, 2024. With her were her sister, aunt, grandmother, and a number of close friends. Her final words before falling asleep for the last time were “Oh, this is quite nice.”

Kristi was the best of us.

We could write tomes on her achievements. She dedicated her life to animals and worked as a veterinarian in emergency and urgent care. While animals were her greatest love, her coworkers respected her as a strong clinician, patient teacher, and a positive and encouraging force in the clinic - regardless of the stress levels of the day. When she wasn’t working, she DM-ed a weekly DND game for friends, spent time with her pets, cared for her plants, and showed people that she cared through thoughtful gifts, cards, and joint adventures. 

Kristi was predeceased by her parents (Colin and Donna) and is survived by her sister (Jen), her paternal aunt (Janet) and grandmother (Margaret), her maternal uncle and his wife (Jerry and Mary Ann), extended family members, and the many friends she remained close with - in spite of geographic distance. We are all so proud of Kristi. We are lucky to have known her and will have her bright smile emblazoned in our memories forever. From Kristi’s life, we are reminded to love and live as fully as Kristi did - and to be kind in the process - after all, you cannot take back an unkind word or act. 

A memorial service is planned for late April 2024. 

Kristi had many causes dear to her heart, and the following organizations have been suggested by Kristi and her sister for anyone interested in donating in her memory:
Emerald City Pet Rescue:
Pacific Science Center:
End of Life Washington:
Colon Cancer Coalition:


Make a donation to People's Memorial