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General Price List

General Price List Download Effective April 3, 2024.

The Co-op Funeral Home is owned by the members of People's Memorial Association (PMA). If your loved one was a member of PMA, then you are eligible for member pricing. Standard Pricing on our general price list is offered to those who are not members and do not wish to enroll in a PMA Membership.

Membership is $99 per person and helps support their education and advocacy work for funeral consumers in Washington State.

To sign yourself or your loved one up for membership online, go to the PMA membership page. You may also request that your funeral director add the membership fee onto the final goods & services during your arrangements conference.

Packaged Plans

All packaged plans listed include:

  • Basic services of funeral director & staff;
  • Receiving and transporting the deceased at any hour of the day or night within the 30-mile service area;
  • Sheltering and refrigeration of remains for up to 5 days; and,
  • Obituary posted on The Co-op Funeral Home website for 6 months.

All packaged plans listed do not include:

  • Washington State sales tax;
  • $100 King County Medical Examiner tax (for King County deaths only);
  • $15 Snohomish County filing fee (for Snohomish County deaths only);
  • Transportation outside the 30-mile service area;
  • Ferry or bridge tolls;
  • Flowers;
  • Newspaper obituaries;
  • Honoraria for clergy;
  • Celebrant or musicians; or,
  • Cost of certified copies of the death certificate or other cash advance items.