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Elysha Renee Hayes


“…here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)” e.e. cummings


Charming and vivacious Elysha Renee Hayes, also known as Elysha Miscellaneous, beloved daughter, sister and friend, passed away in her home in Seattle on Friday, June 30th, 2017.

She is survived by her parents Shannon and Stephen Hayes; her brothers Raul Hayes, Travis Hayes, and Henry Hayes; her sister Chandra Leigh; her sisters-in-laws Misty Detlor and Kerry Moore; and her nieces Tanis Harding, Edie Hayes, Hana Hayes, and Penelope Hayes; and her long-time partner, Christopher “Ozzy” Everett.

​A memorial service will be held on Saturday, July 15th from 12:00 PM – 4:30 PM at the Columbia City Theater and Bourbon Bar (4916 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98118).  Celebrant Nancy Niedzielski will lead a memorial ceremony to honor and remember Elysha’s life, beginning promptly at 12:30.  Those wishing to send flowers day of the event may have them delivered to: Columbia City Theater, 4916 Rainier Ave, Seattle, WA 98118

​Elysha was born in Houston, Texas on September 23, 1980, the third of five children. She moved to Olympia, WA in 1987, subsequently attending Olympia & Avanti high schools.

​After school, she traveled widely and wildly in her youth and she created an extensive network of friends in all corners of America. Her adventures were unique and not for the faint of heart. She spent many years in North Carolina, New York, Wisconsin, and Colorado before returning to Washington to live in Seattle’s SoDo/Georgetown neighborhoods. She continued to travel regularly throughout her life.  She was especially fond of Maui, which she first visited with her brother Raul’s family & returned to every few years with Ozzy.  She dreamed of touring the country again and was in the process of renovating a bus for that purpose.

​A self-styled crusty Punk, Elysha had great compassion for the homeless.  Year after year, she volunteered as a Secret Santa for PSKS (Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets) and donated her housekeeping tips to fund Adopt-A-Family efforts.  Anyone wishing to make a charitable donation in Elysha’s memory is encouraged to consider PSKS (click here to donate to PSKS)

​Elysha was a woman of profuse talents and loved by many. She was clever and carried a spirited sense of life. Her ability to endear herself instantly was remarkable; she was a whirlwind of delight.

She was a passionate artist, a songwriter, a singer, a poet, a seamstress, a designer and a chef. Her writings, music, and paintings are a legacy to her creative spirit and a source of comfort to her loved ones.

Elysha won a national poet contest in her twenties. In her late 20s, she worked for the Green Tortoise Hostel in downtown Seattle. During her time working for the hostel as a tour guide, she created many sought after events such as “The Dead Guys Tour” for tourist visiting the area interested in the rich musical history of Seattle. She remained an active songwriter and performer; her band Ache was preparing to go on the road to make their debut.

​Elysha was a wonderful cook. From an annual truffle making party with her mother and nieces to preparing meals at a family gatherings with her mother, Shannon, and her sister, Chandra, Elysha was there to help.  She created delectable dishes; her baking skills once earning her an award for “Best Bread” in Denver.

​Elysha treasured her tattoos.  She covered herself in a riot of colors, memories, and meaningful symbols of her own design.  Asked by her mother, Shannon, about the compass tattoo on her neck, Elysha replied, “It’s so I always know where I’m going.”  May it guide her on her everlasting journey.​


Elysha was a person that was there for me when I was at an all time low point in my life. She was like the older sister I never had. I'll miss her dearly.
Graham Davis

Well, I guarantee you one thing, nothing has changed. Elysha is still as vibrant where she is now sharing her beauty with all those who came before us to this lovely Earth. God bless her dear family and companion that they will keep her close in thought and be comforted in her sweet memories which are a gift

Shannon and Steve, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Christopher Peragine

Thank-you Elysha for your spirit of caring for others. For years you provided wishes and needs for Seattle low income and homeless. Your free spirit was infectious just being around you brought others comfort. I will miss you my friend know you will always be a shining star.

Elaine Simons

Make a donation to The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial