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Frank passed away December 13, 2015, at about 9:22AM at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, Washington after a long illness.  He was 64 years old.

Frank was born on May 26, 1951 in Santa Clara, Cuba.  He and his parents, Antonio and Dulce Gonzalez moved to New York City from Cuba in the mid 1950’s, then later on to Hialeah Florida where he graduated from high school.

Frank was kind, loving, and generous, almost to a fault.  He would do anything for anyone.

He had a special feeling for the animal world, and rescued many dogs, cats, chickens, and anything else that was furred, feathered, or gilled.  His favorite was a black hen named Frankie, and of course his companion, Panda.

He loved planes, flying, music, dancing, was a DJ at a disco in Florida in that era, loved to travel, and got to experience most of the United States both in a van and in an RV.

He and his long-time partner, Wayne Hansen, were married by the Reverend Michael Younkers at the University of Washington hospital on December 11, 2015.  He was very much loved, and will be missed by all.


Frankie You Will Be Missed Fiercely. Our Memories Of 46 Years Are Forever Etched In My Heart.

I Know You And I Am Very Sure You Will Watch Out For All Of Us From Heaven ( You Did Not Make A Pit Stop, Did You? LOL,,,,I Love You Forever Rest Peacefully, Until We Meet Again.

--Terri * Shadows 3*

Frankie you were my sunshine, and still are. You stole my heart long ago. I miss you terribly, and hope you are at last at peace and with no more pain. You were far stronger than you realized, and I'm proud of you.

Love always, Wayne

Frank you were the best thing to have happened to my brother and to my longest friend Linda Jo. I showed your picture to my roommate and she replied 'what a handsome kind face.' That sums it up for us all. To lighten things up a bit I'll close with this fond memory. You were the guy who brought the whole state of Washington to inhale at the same exact instant when you and their most prized possession - the Gonzaga basketball team went careening off 405 while you were attempting to drive them to Sea-Tac so they could fly to Hawaii for a basketball tournament. It hit the news big time. I'll never forget the phone call from Wayne. "Uh, Frank's in trouble. He was driving a bus to Sea Tac and it slid and spun out on the ice." me-"ok. I hope he's all right". Wayne "well, uh his passengers were the Gonzaga basketball team." me- "Holy C---!" I think the whole state went "Holy C---!" Yours was a kind, gentle, and adventuresome spirit. You were needed to be with us a little longer my friend. Farewell.

Ron Hansen

I noticed fresh snow on the mountains and thought of Frank. I wanted to turn to him and say, “Lets go. I’m sure they rent snow shoes at the lodge.” He would have gone in a heartbeat. That’s what I loved about Frank. He never turned down an opportunity for a new adventure. And when things didn’t turn out exactly how we expected, he could always find something to appreciate.

Linda Jo Johnston

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