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Kevin Palmer

12/12/87 - 10/08/23

Kevin Palmer was Born In Puyallup Washington on December 12th 1987 to a wonderful couple named Robert & Rhonda Heath.
He grew up in a little town called Lakebay most his life.
He visited his Grandparents almost every summer.
He had a Older Brother named Chad and Sister named Renae plus a Younger Sister named Kristi.
He was always there for his younger sister,
Beating her ex-boyfriends up for hurting his little sisters feelings.
He had alot of friends and was really good getting girlfriends.
On December 12th 2005 He turned 18 years old and He met a 19 year old Woman named Crystal.
They moved in together almost right away.
He ended up falling in love with her & they moved to his friends house together and after almost 2 years together they had a handsome son named Brian. They moved to a trailer on his parents property and lived there for awhile. 1 year later they had their second child, a beautiful daughter named Hailey. They moved to Tacoma then and raised their children for 2 years before they got married. (5 years after they met eachother)
They moved to Palmer Lake about 2 years later.
After living there for 3 years they had their last child a beautiful baby girl named Layla. (5 years after getting married).
They moved to Aberdeen and lived there for about 2 years and then they got a Pitbull Dog named Bella.
She had a litter of puppies in Aberdeen at 2 years old and Kevin decided to keep a Grey pitbull puppy named Stella (which became his best friend).
Kevin always did outdoors things with his kids and wife like fishing, hiking, mushroom foraging, berry picking, hunting but the thing he mostly enjoyed is doing YouTube videos including his son checking out his remote control boat, looking at abandoned buildings and other activities.
He was always happier with his family doing things together.
The family moved to Tonasket where they watched Kevins parents house.
They loved it there because during the winter they went sledding, put up a zip line and he loved building a igloo house with the kids. He hooked up the sled to a quad and drove the kids around in the snow.
After a year living there, they moved to Pacific Beach and everything went down hill from there.
He had pain in his balls in February so he got them checked out by his physician.
He was then transferred to a urologist where he got a ct scan in April.
That's when he found out he had Non seminoma germ cell tumor cancer in his testicle.
At the end of May he had his testicle removed.
In June he found out it manifested 5 tumors on his lungs and 1 tumor between his stomach and spine.
He went through 4 sessions of chemotherapy
(Cysplatin, Atopiside, & Bliomyocin).
He got his last dose on the last week of July.
On July 3rd he got really sick and went to the aberdeen hospital,
They told him it's just pneumonia and sent him home with antibiotics.
On July 10th He went back to the hospital sicker and not able to breathe on his own.
He was admitted there for 2 days then transferred to the st michaels hospital in Silverdale.
He was on the oxygen tanks and bi-pap until August 8th
On August 8th Kevin was unresponsive at 4am and was intubated and put on life support.
He was on life support there until August 14th when he was air lifted to Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle where he was put on the ECMO and ventilation machines.
He stayed on those machines from August 14th to October 8th 2023.
On October 3rd his wife, mother & father had a meeting with the Dr's to discuss his quality of life.
The Dr's told them that he would never get off the machines.
His wife was told by him (before he got sick) that he wouldn't want to live on a machine all his life if he had ever gotten that sick or hurt.
She had to make the hardest decision of her life and disconnect his life support that following Sunday.
She waited till then so that his parents, brother and herself could be there when it happened so he wouldn't be alone.
Kevin passed away at 3:44pm comfortably.
All he wanted the most in life is to see his kids grow up, graduate and succeed in life.
RIP Kevin Palmer
Born 12-12-1987 Died 10-08-2023.
He left behind his 4 kids and wife Crystal Palmer


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