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Ferntree Dallas

AKA Beverly Fern Dallas
Sunrise: January 1st, 1953
Sunset: July 23, 2019


May you soar with eagles and all your other bird friend, my sister friend. You have touched so many people's lives. You will always be remembered and never forgotten. I'll miss our walks, our talks. Your teachings. You've taught so many. I know you will visit us in a good way in spirit...until we can be with you once more over the hill. Creator is with you eternally and your no longer in pain, that brings be peace.
Thank you for allowing me to be at your side and care for you as you made your journey. What a honor and Blessing. Thank you for sharing you in all your beauty. I love you eternally!

Magenta Marie Spinningwind

Rest in eternal peace ! I miss seeing you around various native events. I will always remember when we rode the Bainbridge - Seattle Ferry back from Suquamish, Wa and were were standing at the end of the car deck. You had your little bird on your shoulder and I was so afraid it would fly away. The little bird stayed perched on your shoulder. You made beautiful earrings & bracelets ! You encouraged me to make earrings too. Fly high with the Eagles !
Cathleen Lombard

Crossing over is the greatest journey, will see you again my friend...not an ending just a beginning. GW.
Grey Wolf

You have left us too soon. You have given me many wonderful memories. You were such a part of the NatIve people here in the Seattle area. Kodiak man and I will miss you eternally. We love you very much! We will see you in paradise. John 5:28, 29
Patricia Ermeloff. Good Medicine Unangax Woman

Thank you, loving and generous Fern Tree, for blessing our Elders Program, staff, and community with your presence. You are dearly missed.
Itai Jeffries, Seattle Indian Health Board

Heaven has been Blessed with a Beautiful Angel.
David Northover

Ferntree, beautiful sister teacher, you have been a treasured friend to so many.
Thank you for sharing your sobriety and artistic skills. I occasionally can thread a needle for beading the way you patiently spent hours teaching me and a few others.
I am grateful that you chose to have Magenta Marie Spinningwind by your side as you journyed across She was born by tradition to do this work, as our family has done for generations..
Heavens Angels surely sounded a loud chorus as you crossed the finish line gracefully.

Maryalice Knotts

Dear Sister Fern Tree
Your life touched so many and whenever I saw you in a meeting all those years ago I knew you spoke from your heart ️ and you made a difference. Bless your journey home. Thank you for always being so real!

Deborah Guerrero

1989 I met you... you ALWAYS had something good to say.. a smile on your face.. you showed me so many things ... I will miss you my friend.

E. Satiacum

I always seen you at all the Powwows in Seattle. I remember your first bird. Then, you had your second bird. Thank you for sharing always sharing, your stories and thoughts. You will be missed. Rest in the big powwow in the sky.
Penny Octuck Cole

You touched so many lives.. it was always a joy to see you in a meeting. I remember the first time when I walked in to the Fremont Hall with my Muckleshoot friend Fred who know you well we will all miss you. I told him I like that woman he said yeah she's crazy just like the rest of us and I had to laugh. May you rest in peace and for our father to welcome you home.MuchLove

Charles Cottle

RIP dear Ferntree. Fly high my friend.


I miss you and love you my longtime Sister/ Friend. Thank you for being an important part of my life.


Dear Ferntree. Many years ago when I had just a few months, there was a Medicine circle happening during the Fremont summer picnic. You invited me to join. I said I'm not Indian, is it ok? You looked me directly in my eyes and told me We are all the same tribe. You always gave me the most priceless gift, Ferntree: Love and Acceptance.

- MT

i was sooooo sorry to hear of your passing from my dear friend Deena. FernTree I was honored to know u thru Deena’s words of love. Admiration of ur sponsorship and gentel
Spirit. U will be miss my many but take comfort you are home with the Great Father

- Rainie Lee Ripke

My beautiful friend! You always spoke in poetry: “The trees are standing tall and happy!” I loved our friendship. I still have a recording of you telling your life story. I am forever amazed and inspired that you never became angry or bitter- always positive and had a good word for everyone. And I especially loved how you saw things in the clouds and called God “Daddy”. You are dancing with Him now. I was blessed when you came to Longview with me once and I took that picture of you sitting on my horse. You looked so natural and happy. Oh how I miss you. But we will see one another again

- Susan Taylor

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