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Wendy Gay Prohl

September 3, 1938 – September 17, 2022

Wendy loved nature, hiking, camping, and ALL creatures great and small.
She was grateful for a 30-year career in expedition style travel which took her to some of the most remote places in the world. She shared her experiences enthusiastically and had the unique ability to connect with everyone she met. She loved working at REI in her retirement; encouraging people to get outside while also swapping stories with like-minded souls.
We are comforted knowing that Wendy completed a bucket list trip to Cuba in April. Travelling there by herself in her 80’s, she continued to amaze and inspire right up to the end. 
Wendy will be sorely missed by Jurgen - her loving husband of 60 years, PJ and Sophie (her canine companions), Karen and Jeremy (sister and brother), Vanessa and Jeremy (daughter and husband), her granddaughters Maggie and Bea, and friends and family across the globe.
We will miss her British accent, sense of humor and wit, joie-de-vivre, and most of all her love and encouragement. We are fortunate that she was part of our lives.


Wendy was one of my dearest friends. I will miss her so much. We have known each other since 2000 when our children started dating. And even though we were hundred of miles apart over the years she and I have had many great adventures: going to Bermuda to visit my relatives, Kalaloch, Oahu, Harrison Springs Canada and Tulip Festival with grandkids, Sanibel Island Florida with all my family and grandkids, Kauai with family and grandkids, many adventures in Seattle, San Juan Island, Canon Beach, Lake Wanatchie and so many other adventures we had. I envied the child in her. We had such good times together. And even though she is 10 years older than me I could not keep up with her. Her energy was endless. And that English sense of humor!!

I will miss her most of all in the dead of winter when I could call her up and complain about the weather. She was such a source of comfort.

I love and miss you Miss Wendy.

May you be happy wherever you are. I am waiting for our next great adventure
Deb Olson

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