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Programs & Services

Cremation is a method of final disposition by which heat, through the use of flame, is applied to break down our organic matter, reducing it to our basic elements and dried bone fragments. This is the most common form of final disposition that The Co-op Funeral Home offers our clientele.

Our direct cremation packages use an alternative container in place of a casket. Alternative containers encase the body before cremation and can be made of
materials like fiberboard or composition materials. Our direct cremation packages also include a simple plastic container to hold the cremated remains. Should you desire a more personalized urn, you may see options in our webstore.

Direct Cremation
PMA Pricing          $995 Standard Pricing
Otherwise known as PMA’s Plan 1 or Simple Cremation. This Plan includes an alternative container and standard black, plastic urn. No viewing or additional services included.

Cremation with ID Viewing
PMA Pricing          $1350 Standard Pricing
Otherwise known as PMA’s Plan 2. Same as a direct cremation with the addition of a private viewing at our care facility in Kent, WA for up to 1 hour. This is not a viewing open to the public, rather a simple viewing with minimal preparation of the decedent for the next of kin. Your loved one will be placed on a cot dressed up with a pillow and blanket. This does not include embalming or dressing, but these are items that can be added if you choose.

Included in these plans:

  • Pick-up and transportation of the deceased member at any hour of the day or night within 30 miles of funeral home
  • The $60 PMA Board Approved Premium implemented between July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023 in response to rising gas prices and inflation
  • Sheltering of remains and refrigeration
  • Cremation of remains in an alternative container
  • Conference with survivors for arrangements
  • Procurement and filing death certificate
  • Basic Plastic Urn
  • Notification of social security

Not included in these plans:

  • Sales tax
  • $70 King County Medical Examiner tax
  • Transportation outside the 30-mile service area
  • Ferry or bridge tolls
  • Newspaper obituaries
  • Flowers, honoraria for clergy, celebrant or musicians
  • Certified copies of death certificate (funeral home will file the original and assist with ordering certified copies at cost)
  • Other cash advance items

General Price List Download Effective January 1, 2023

Green Cremation

The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial offsets the carbon produced from all of our cremations by investing in wind and solar energy through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation, a Northwest nonprofit.  

In addition, we plant a tree in honor of each family we serve through Pacific Northwest reforestation nonprofits.