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Aquamation, otherwise known as alkaline hydrolysis, is a more environmentally-friendly alternative to flame-based cremation. This process uses water and a small amount of alkaline chemicals to break down our body's organic matter. The bones that remain at the end are processed into a fine powder, much like cremated remains.  Unlike cremation, however, this produce emits no greenhouse gases and is estimated to use about 1/8th the energy.

Aquamation is also currently available for our animal companions in Washington State! Our friends at Resting Waters, a pet funeral home in West Seattle, offer this service to their clientele.

Plans - effective April 3, 2024                                                                                                                            
Direct Aquamation
PMA Pricing          $1,940 Standard Pricing
Aquamated remains are placed in a standard black, plastic urn.  No viewing or additional services included.

Aquamation with Viewing
PMA Pricing          $2,290 Standard Pricing
Same as a direct aquamation with the addition of a private viewing at our care facility in Kent, WA for up to 1 hour. This is not a viewing open to the public, rather a simple viewing with minimal preparation of the decedent for the next-of-kin. This does not include embalming or dressing. 

All packaged plans listed include:

  • Basic services of funeral director & staff;
  • Receiving and transporting the deceased at any hour of the day or night within the 30-mile service area;
  • Sheltering and refrigeration of remains for up to 5 days; and,
  • Obituary posted on The Co-op Funeral Home website for 6 months.

All packaged plans listed do not include:

  • Washington State sales tax;
  • $100 King County Medical Examiner tax (for King County deaths only);
  • $15 Snohomish County filing fee (for Snohomish County deaths only);
  • Transportation outside the 30-mile service area;
  • Ferry or bridge tolls;
  • Flowers;
  • Newspaper obituaries;
  • Honoraria for clergy;
  • Celebrant or musicians; or,
  • Cost of certified copies of the death certificate or other cash advance items.

General Price List Download Effective April 3, 2024