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In Loving Memory of Chen-Ming (William) Wang

January 30, 1935 - July 8, 2020

Chen-Ming (William) Wang of Shoreline, Washington passed away peacefully at home on July 8, 2020 of natural causes. Chen-Ming was born in Taiwan on January 30, 1935, the first son of father Po-Chen Wang and mother Ming-Shia Wang. Taiwan (then Formosa) was under Japanese rule during the first ten years of his life, and Chen-Ming became very fond of Japanese culture. He learned the Japanese language at that time and later learned to speak German, English, and even some Spanish. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Chung Shin University. Early in his career, Chen-Ming was Officer of Foreign Economic Affairs at Central Trust of China. But Chen-Ming was an entrepreneur and artist at heart. His business ventures included import/export businesses primarily with Japan and Taiwan, a hardware store in Queens, NY, and a real estate business in Houston, TX. In Seattle, he was an active member of the Taiwanese Community Center and for many years served as a Seattle tour guide for visitors from Japan and Taiwan.

William’s 85 years were enriched by his zest for life and adventure and by his loving family and friends. His love of nature and travel shine through in his beautiful photography—a hobby he took up in his later years. Chen-Ming and his son Michael were accomplished artists; they both shared their globe-trotting experiences through photography. Photographs of migrating birds and the magnificent tulips at Skagit Valley were just a few of Chen-Ming’s remarkable creations.

Chen-Ming joins his wife Fan-Mei (Frances) and son Chu Fwei (Michael), both of whom predeceased him. His optimism, humor, resilience, and energy will be greatly missed. He is survived by his brother Chen-Show and sister-in-law Nimia; his daughter-in-law Claire; his nephews Po-Chun, Jim, and Bob; his nieces Linda, Suki, and Carolyn; his beloved grand-nieces and grand-nephews, and his amazing grandchildren Walter and Sylvie. There are no services planned at this time.


如雲霧般的生命消失了,記得6/20歐吉桑在華大急診時,發了一則line message to me, 我人生即將結束,請代轉我的感謝,此生有緣與大家相識,good bye .
我突然感到事態嚴重,代誌大條了,等聯絡上侄子柏鈞Jim, 才知道身體狀況有狀況。幸好Jim 這陣子陪伴在William 身邊,侄子實在是上天派來的天使,在他生命終了前,服侍照顧陪伴姨丈。謝謝柏鈞,

Sue Lin 李淑貞/ CR 林烱榕

Dear William, everyone respected,
Although there have been many factors that have not met in the recent past years. However everyone’s day in the Taiwanese Guild-Hall in the past are as vivid as yesterday’s calendar.
Your bravery perseverance, optimistic and helpful attitude, the open-minded love for nature, great interesting migratory birds spectacular photography, and the heart of loving Taiwan..., has always been in my heart. I still keep your charitable face in my mind. I believe your soul is already in the arms of your God!
Mun-Huey Lai

May he rest in Peace! We miss him so much!
By the way, he is very proud of his brother Chen-Show.

Ming Huang

今天是您的告別式,我們將要送你最後一段路,希望你一路好走,不要再有任何牽掛,對於您的離開,到現在仍然有很多的毋甘和沒辦法接受,想起往事一遍遍地重複,懷念一起走過的歲月,一路上有您的共同美好記憶,陰陽兩隔的世界,殘酷而無奈,想起您的一生,這輩子太辛苦了,您現在已經沒有病痛了,離苦得樂,不要像在世時那麼辛苦,您已化做千風, 自由自在的在天上飛,去尋找那沒有煩惱的世界,希望在另外的世界開心快樂。
rest in peace


Hsiao-ching Wang(王小菁)


Sophie Sun

We missed you very much
Cindy chen

"O'z Sun" is the code I always called you as.
Like a wizard of Oz land, you enchanted the people surrounded with your giving heart and wiz words.

No sad, No mourning, One last toast to your life of an oddity.

S. C.

With a heavy heart, we pray for the eternal repose of our  beloved brother , Chen Ming 哥哥, who was also lovingly called William ,  Apei 阿伯 & Kong Kong , 阿公 by his family in US & Taiwan. 

Chen Show & Nimia Wang 


- Liang-Tang Lo

多年前在朋友家見過歐吉桑, 再見面卻是前年在 Crystal Mountain 與大家會合登山.聽他介紹四周群山樣貌.
認識到他的熱情健談, 已80高齡的他經常開車帶領同鄉老友出遊, 腳步硬朗難以置信他驟然離世信息!願神息了他人間的勞苦, 帶領他到更美的家鄉!


多年前在朋友家見過歐吉桑, 再見面卻是前年在 Crystal Mountain 與大家會合登山.聽他介紹四周群山樣貌. 認識到他的熱情健談, 已80高齡的他經常開車帶領同鄉老友出遊, 腳步硬朗難以置信他驟然離世信息!願神息了他人間的勞苦, 帶領他到更美的家鄉!

- Lucy

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