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The following free urns have been donated to us by individuals who have scattered their loved one and want to let someone else use the urn. These previously used urns are available for local pick up to anyone free-of-charge or for a donation if desired. These urns have been previously used and may have small scratches or blemishes that may not be visible in a picture.

For the time being we are no longer able to offer mailing.

If you are interested, please call our office at (206) 529-3800 to set up an appointment to pick up the urn. 

Limit 1 urn per person. 


Currently, the donated urns below are available in our office for families in need.

The following urns are considered full size and suitable for holding all of the cremated remains.

The following urns are keepsake sized and suitable for holding only a small portion of cremated remains.

The following are boxed sets.