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Gregory James "Greg" Price

Gregory James "Greg" Price was born on February 12th, 1952, in Everett, Washington to James and Marlene Price. Graduating from Edmonds Senior High School in 1970, Greg went on to volunteer and work in the food service industry. 

Uncle Greg was a movie fanatic, we talked many times about "weird" and "unconventional" movies that he enjoyed; he would even double order movies to send me my very own copy. Quite frequently we would talk about Dario Argento films, with Uncle Greg providing me with a copy of each movie he wanted me to see. We shared laughs over the 80's horror movies we both love that have wild plots and extreme special effects. With many others, he loved to talk politics, and would frequently complain about "Uncle Scam"; this nickname generating many chuckles and smiles from the people around him.  While he was set in his political views, Greg enjoyed talking to everyone regardless of their beliefs. He loved intellectual conversation and could chat with anyone about virtually anything. Many of the residents of his building spoke of him as a "beautiful man", "kind-hearted" and downright hilarious. Greg spent years in the kitchen providing the people of Seattle with delicious, home cooked meals - one of his best meals was Bangers and Mash, perfectly seasoned mashed potatoes and juicy sausages, which he cooked many a time for me as a child. In 2009, Greg was awarded the Certificate of Service through the Volunteers of America of Washington for all of his hard work at The Theodora throughout the years. Whenever my mother and I would visit him at The Theodora, the apartment complex he cooked for, he would give me a hug and a cookie for the road. Greg loved art, he considered "interesting art" one of the things that mattered most to him, and he shared that love of art with the people around him every way he could. He had multiple copies of "How to Become a Schizophrenic" that he would gift to anyone he could chat to about the book, even gifting his landlord a copy so that they would have an additional topic to discuss when he passed her in the halls. 

Greg spent the last month of his life with family, going to pow-wows, walking around museums and shopping (usually for movies) in the University District. He passed unexpectedly in his home in Seattle, the morning of April 22nd, 2024 from complications of cancer after spending the previous day with his beloved niece, Regina.  

While Greg was preceded in death by both his parents James (Jimmy) and Marlene Price, his surviving family is scattered throughout the country; some still in Washington, while others are in Montana and Texas. Greg will be missed dearly by the family and friends that survive him. 

May he forever rest in peace. 


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