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Joshua (Josh) Steven Bresee

August 21, 2001-November 8, 2023

On November 8, 2023, Joshua passed away at the age of 22 at Seattle Children's Hospital from multiple complications from a bone marrow transplant.

March 2, 2021, Josh arrived at Seattle Childrens Hospital to be treated for AML.
Joshua’s BMT was going to give him a second chance at life. Instead, for almost 11 months he would endure many complications and much pain. The 5 day conditioning  treatment started on December 15, 2022. The treatment would kill off his his own bone marrow and left without a immune system. Day 3  he was in ICU fighting for his life, and not expected to live from getting E. Coli, required breathing tube for 2 weeks and CRRT for the next 5 weeks for a acute kidney injury leaving him 50% kidney function. He suffered from chronic neuropathy, muscle weakness and muscle wasting to where he could no longer sit, stand or walk, or even roll to sleep on his side. Shortly after receiving the bone marrow on December 21, Josh got GI GVHD, 4 weeks after his conditioning treatment, Josh was now blind, from fludarabine toxicity, and not reversible. Unfortunately, resources were only available as out patient, and didn’t make it as a outpatient long enough to get any help for dealing with his blindness.

In April he was doing well enough to get into the physical therapy rehabilitation for 4 weeks, and preparing for Josh to come home. Josh was working very hard on getting stronger, and looking forward to the day he could walk again, and having the resources he needed to help him with being blind  and prepare for more physical rehab.

Unfortunately several different complications from the transplant were surfacing. The more serious complications when his body would retain several pounds of fluid/edema. Eventually also resulting in fluid accumulation around his lungs, causing oxygen saturation issues and requiring several drainage procedures. He was treated for pulmonary GVHD and put on another round of high dose steroids, and the treatment seemed to be working, for around 6 weeks. He was also being treated for suspected reoccurrence of TMA in August.

His kidneys took another big hit with using high doses of Lasix to remove fluid, unfortunately the doctors were not exactly sure what was causing all the plural effusions around his lungs at that time.

October, Kidneys are no longer functioning, and has PRES. Josh had to be put back on CRRT short term, then put on dialysis 5 days a week, he underwent a kidney biopsy. The biopsy confirmed TMA, and after 6 weeks of treatment for TMA, it was not working and told he was not going to survive, and there were no other treatments and his body was shutting down.

On November 8th his bipap was now only being used to keep him breathing, and now time for us to say our good byes and he knew how much we loved him,  Josh was heavily sedated so he would  not suffer as the settings were slowly turned down on his bipap machine, then finally turned off completely and shortly after Josh took his last breath. His brothers and parents by his side. 

Joshua is a true warrior, he didn't get to enjoy life outside the walls of the hospital or be at home, and despite all the complications, Josh faced his diagnosis and treatment with strength, intelligence, determination, optimism and occasionally humor.

We love and miss you everyday, Son. We are so proud of you.
Joshua was born in Everett, Washington on August 21, 2001 to Steven and Kelli Bresee and grew up in Coulee City, Washington. 

In elementary and middle school Josh enjoyed the theater. He was in a few plays at Masquers in Soap Lake, and took part in a middle school play. He also was in 4-H, and showed his pygora goat, Ranger. Josh enjoyed camping, riding his ATV. He enjoyed computer gaming with his brothers, by high school his hobby was building gaming computers, learning 3D printing.

He got his first job at Sunlakes Park Resort at the age of 16 and continued to work his summers there until he became sick, and he recieved much love and support from his employers and coworkers, and became extended family to Josh.

Josh Graduated High school at ACH in 2020, and was a running start student graduating with his associates degree and was inducted into PHI THETA KAPPA honor society for 2 year colleges. After graduating high school, he continued his education at Big Bend Community College, working on 2 degrees, industrial electrical technology and maintenance mechanics technology. Josh was 1 quarter away from completing his degrees when he became sick with AML. 

Joshua will be remembered for his genuine kindness, being compassionate, thoughtful, his love for animals and his smile and the best hugs, and can’t forget his extremely wild and crazy curls when his hair got a bit long.

Josh leaves behind a family that he loved and loved him very much. His parents, Steve and Kelli Bresee, brothers, Nick and Ayden. His grandmother, Barbara Underwood , Uncle Clifford, Aunt Stacey, cousins Rebekah, Rachel and Ruth Bresee, and many other relatives.

Josh has been reunited with his paternal grandparents, Wayne and Heather Bresee, Maternal Grandfather, Kenneth Underwood, and many other family members.

There will be a plan for a Celebration of Life in the spring for Josh.

Time, date, and place to be determined.


Josh, we love you so much. You are so missed. You were the kindest, most sensitive soul in a world that is too often unkind and insensitive. I am struggling to understand why you were taken from us, and how this world goes on without someone like you.

Uncle Clifford

Steve and Kelli, Nick and Ayden -

We can't even express how saddened we were when we learned of Josh's passing. We, like so many others, had been praying and rooting for Josh to triumph over all the complications that continued to pile on. He certainly took being a Warrior to a whole new level, as did you all!

The world is definitely a bit dimmer without Josh's laughing eyes, sweet smile and adorable giggle to brighten things around him. He has been, and will always be, missed. Prayers of comfort and strength continue for all of you, with sincere condolences.
The Maxwell Family

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