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Barbara was born on Dec 5 1953 in Yakima WA.  Barbara moved with her family to Seattle in 1956, making this her home here until she died on Jan. 15, 2015 of a heart condition.  Barbara was the youngest of three children.  She has two older brothers, Jack Jr. and Bruce. She attended Emerson Elementary school and Rainier Beach High School.   She was a joyful child, who was tall for her age,  she was enrolled in Cornish for dancing lessons to help her with coordination and balance.  She enjoyed animals and had a bird and a rabbit that she cared for, when our mother cat had kittens she loved them and help find good homes for them.  Her favorite cousin was Laura, when they were young they found many interesting things to do in play and adventures together.  Barbara struggled in school, she suffered from dyslexia, reading and spelling were difficult for her. As an adult she enjoyed a variety of books on tape from the library.  She enjoyed growing house plants and in making a home for herself in the Rainier Valley. Barbara has two adult children, Matthew and Anna who live in the area.  Barbara's father Jack McBride Sr. died in 1996 of a genetic heart condition.  Her mother Ellen McBride Lowe lives on the Eastside.  Barbara will be missed by her family and her friends.   Remembrances can be made to LakeRidge Lutheran Endowment Fund, or the American Heart Association.


I send my deepest sympathy to you Ellen, Jack and Bruce. Barbara is in the arms of our Loving Savior and she will be at peace for all eternity. I wish you comfort & love in your time of grief. --Paige

HI Ellen,Jack & Bruce, its melinda Pierce, remember Barb and I were best friends in jr high, will always be a Viking! Im astounded to hear this news.
During highschool I had a "table" at the farmers market every summer-Pike place mk. After high school I became an apt mgr while in seattle central CC. moved to Kennewick obtained a dumb little degree in business. Came back and started a sewing factory- did that for 25 yrs- you know the Husky furry dog faces on baseball caps?--that was a sm part of what I did. Now I have a cleaning co and am trying to get to retirement. Ellen especially, I would love to hear from you. 206 992-2660. Before this news Ive thought of Barb a couple times a month even after all this time. Love Melinda

Melinda Pierce (Gordon_)

Make a donation to The Co-op Funeral Home of People's Memorial