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David Small

Son, Father, Brother, Friend... and his favorite title of all “Grandpa”

November 1951 – December 2023

David Small, a beloved father and grandfather passed away of natural causes in December of 2023 at the age of 72 in the comfort of his home in Seattle, Washington. 

Son of Carlene and Jack Small, David was born in Oklahoma where he spent much of his time with his five siblings and friends. Being the third oldest, born into a large family of four boys and two girls, this guy was the mischievous one. You know that rowdy one who is responsible for every gray hair on your father's head. He was the fearless kid who had no qualms about playing catcher, even when there was no face mask... not a good idea to try stealing home with him at the plate. Smart as a whip, artistic, edgy and cool... this guy was a pirate. I mean a real swashbuckler. Behind that sometimes gentle and reflective nature, he was a fighter and a brawler, exactly who you wanted by your side when things get rough, he was all in. If ever he had a theme song, it would have been Tom Petty’s song “I won’t back down” ... and he never did. 

David served proudly in the United States Navy. He did a stint on the world’s first nuclear power aircraft carrier, the USS Enterprise. Shortly after his return home from Art School in Arizona, he met the love of his life Patricia “Patti” and their beautiful green eyed baby girl Brandy. David worked solo and at his father’s company as a HVAC journeyman. He also tried his hand in the oilfield and construction trade, but never a successful businessman or the holder of a degree, the status quo held little esteem or value. Family was David’s greatest accomplishment. In 1978, David and Patti welcomed into this world their first-born son Justin. Although Justin’s time on earth was brief due to heart complications, it was a life completely filled with love. Shortly after Justin’s passing God blessed David and Patti with another son, Shane. This miracle gave the family hope and a new meaning to life.

David is survived by his daughter Brandy, son Shane & daughter-in-law Mandie, grandchildren Julien, Alyvia, Ronin, Rheanna & Gage and great-grandchild Khelani. He is also survived by his siblings, Bill, Rebecca, Terry and Shon along with many nieces, nephews and friends. David is preceded in death by his wife Patricia, son Justin, Mother Carlene, Father Jack and sister Joyce.

David Small was a free spirit who lived his life uninhibited by most social rules or guides. He did things his way and made sure anyone around him knew this. If he wanted to have a smoke, he was going to smoke and if he wanted to have a drink... well bottoms up, I guess. He was cavalier in his ways even overwhelming to some who couldn’t understand his true nature. He absolutely lived life and would not compromise or pull a punch for anyone. In the end, he was David... an authentic life on fire, searching for meaning and holding fast to the memories of his wife and son that he had lost long ago. David was a blaze for sure, but if you were lucky enough to catch an ember while being close to him, you would soon be introduced to his passion of music, especially the Beatles and The Rolling Stones... or you might find yourself burning the midnight lamp deep in conversation about God, and how good will always vanquish evil in the end. David was devoted to religion and built a strong relationship with God with the help of his friend and Lutheran Pastor, Kristy.  

David is well known for his passion for art, music and cars. He had impeccable taste and enjoyed sharing his knowledge of mechanics and music with friends and family especially his kids and grandkids. He got a kick out of his son and grandsons skipping work and school to take him to see the release of the GT 40 at the Chicago Auto Museum. He loved visiting museums, parks and car shows with his grandsons and watching his granddaughter swim, dance and do her gymnastic tricks. His proudest moments were spending time with his family. 

David was a car enthusiast who loved his cigarettes, beer, and loud music. His home was always blasting with the best rock ‘n’ roll. He enjoyed cooking, and he made one hell of a steak. He was always up for a good argument. He had an uncanny ability to tell interesting stories and his booming laugh would lighten a room. David loved to go fast, and he lived his life in the fast lane. He fulfilled his dream of traveling & he made Seattle, WA his home for his final 15 years. It was a place where he found peace and tranquility.

“Shapes of every size
Move behind my eyes
Doors inside my head
Bolted from within
Every drop of flame
Lights a candle in
Memory of the one
Who lived inside my skin”

As David would say “This isn’t Goodbye but see you later”. 
Until then, Pops... “Coyote Man”. We love you, Mucho! 

David will be honored with a military service at Tahoma National Cemetery in Washington on March 15th, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. Following the ceremony, his immediate family will fulfill his wishes and spread his ashes in the beautiful Puget Sound of Seattle. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made directly to David’s son Shane & daughter-in-law Mandie Small to help the family with funeral expenses. For anyone unable to attend services in Washington, we look forward to a Small’s family reunion soon where we can share stories of all of the good times “The Small’s” have had over the years. The family would like to thank you all for your prayers and support. 


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