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Scott Edward Wilkinson

Date of Birth: 09/06/1955

Date of Death: 07/26/2019, 63 years old

Scott was born in Denver, Colorado but raised in Shoreline, Washington. He attended Briarcrest Elementary, Morgan Jr. High, and Shorecrest High School. Scott was a Marine (USMC) and then spent the next 22 years as a Merchant Marine.

Scott was preceded in death by his wife, Diane Basler, his father Bud (Worley) Wilkinson and brothers Mike & Butch Wilkinson. Scott leaves behind his mother Betty Wegert in Shoreline, sisters, Irene (Rennie) Anthony in Everett, his sister Marilyn Bair in Lynnwood, Cindy Sevrik in Renton and many friends including his best friend from childhood through his passing, Phil Joost of Edmonds. Scott also leaves behind 13 nieces and nephews and 19 great nieces and nephews.

Scott spent many a year as a Merchant Marine which allowed him to see almost all of the Asian/European ports of call. He truly loved travel and the sea. He also had a great thirst for knowledge and could recite the histories, wars, religions and politics of each country he visited (in detail). He truly had a photographic memory that could put the rest of us to shame.

The last 10 years were difficult for Scott as he battled crippling arthritis, heart surgeries, surgery to install a defibrillator, many hospitalizations and physical therapy sessions. In addition, his wife Diane, also battled significant medical problems and hospitalizations prior to her passing in 2018. Those two (Scott & Diane) had a special bond and once Diane passed you could tell that part of him was missing. Scott would talk about the good times they had together throughout their many years together and he made sure to let you know that Diane made "THE VERY BEST' Homemade spaghetti sauce (had to be cooked for 24 hours.) and the world's best homemade CHILI, he said no one could top Diane in those two cooking categories!

Scott knew he was living on borrowed time, but he kept on trucking--he lived life to the fullest for many years and has always lived life his way up until the very end. Brother Scott is no longer experiencing chronic pain that racked his body and I am sure that he is now at peace. Most of all we know he is having a ball sharing his knowledge with those that preceded him in death i.e.: his wife, his dad, his brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends. I can state with utmost certainty that Scott "really is in 7th heaven" right about now. Also rest assured that each and every person he comes into contact with will be dazzled as he recites the Seahawk players (past and present) and all of their applicable statistics! We were lucky to have the last Seahawk season with Scott (wouldn't trade it for anything). We had such a good time together watching all the games. We will be saving his seat this coming football season with his Seahawk Throw and Pillow, his TV Tray, Orange juice, and Camel Blues! He will be with us. GO SCOTT, GO SEAHAWKS!

We are saying goodbye to our beloved Son, Brother, Uncle and Friend--all of us will miss you and know that you will never be forgotten. One day we will meet again--so save a place for us (we will bring you a Dick's Burger, that's a promise).

All our love to you from your family and friends.


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