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Leslie Repman

Cosmic Dancer

Leslie Repman, Edmonds High School class of 1965, recently joined her loved ones who preceded her into the next adventure. Leslie was born in 1947, nine months after her Dad returned home from WWII. She was a true baby boomer and her life was a series of front-page headlines for key social and political movements: her peers were the first to be drafted to go to Vietnam; she was a charter Haight Ashbury hippie during the Summer of Love; she talked openly about civil rights and Eastern religions. Leslie was on the forefront of it all. She also had a breathtaking beauty, a mystery, and approached life looking forward, filled with energy—she loved to dance, swim, and travel—and a sense of fun. “One monkey don’t stop no show!”  The three remaining Repman kids, Mark, Doug, and Valerie invite her friends to a celebration for Leslie on August 18, 2:00 p.m. at Valerie Repman’s home in Edmonds.





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