Benefits of Joining People's Memorial Funeral Cooperative






Membership Benefits

For a Lifetime Membership of $25, you receive:

  • The right to make simple, dignified and economical final arrangements with no sales pressure whatsoever
  • The assurance of quality services and the best possible value
  • Special member-only prices at your choice of funeral homes, a cemetery and monument company
  • Part ownership in People’s Memorial Funeral Cooperative, a community-owned funeral home
  • Membership card and reciprocal membership benefits at all affiliates of the Funeral Consumers Alliance across the USA
  • Opportunity to pre-authorize your arrangements through execution of funeral planning documents
  • Minor children and grandchildren of members receive funeral services at discounted member rates.
  • Advocacy on your behalf for consumer-friendly funeral laws both on the state and federal levels
  • Information and resources regarding your right to a wide variety of cremation and burial options
  • An annual newsletter, invitation to annual meeting and the right to participate in the democratic process of the organization
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are part of a movement that has been advocating for the rights of funeral consumers and helping families with challenging life transitions for over 70 years
  • Contact Us:

    1801 12th Ave Suite A
    Seattle, WA 98122-2474

    (206) 529-3800
    - Answered 24 hours a day

    (206) 529-3801 - fax

  • Want to post an obituary?

    Email your funeral director what you wish to have posted.
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