People’s Memorial Business Manager Job Posting
March 2014

Reporting: The Business Manager reports to the PMFC Managing Funeral Director and PMA Executive Director. This is a 0.8 FTE position.

Responsibilities: The Business Manager oversees all day-to-day office and financial operations for the People’s Memorial Association and People’s Memorial Funeral Cooperative. Specifically providing excellent customer service to our members and providing accurate financial and accounting reporting.

Specifically the Business Manager will:

  • Handle all Accounts/Payable, Accounts/Receivable for the Association, and Bi-weekly Payroll
  • Support timely preparation of tax, business or other reporting to local, state and federal governmental entities
  • Prepare financial statements for each entity monthly, quarterly and annually per the agreed to Finance Committee and Board Schedule
  • Schedule and help prepare the annual budgets for the upcoming year in collaboration with the PMA Executive Director and the PMFC Managing Funeral Director.
  • Track and maintain company and employee insurance policies, retirement programs
  • Manage the purchase of office equipment, supplies and services
  • Computer management in the following areas:
  1. Database administrator
  2. Maintain and backup database
  3.  Oversee security of database and computer network
  4. Office network/IT administrator
  5. All hardware and technical support
  • Manage the following office operations, delegating to staff or volunteers where appropriate:
  1. Handling incoming phone calls
  2. Mailing of all requests for materials
  3. Handling all donations received from members
  4. Maintaining and updating all forms and literature used in membership mailings
  5. Checking assigned email & voicemail boxes and following up on requests
  • Other duties as assigned by Executive and Managing Funeral Director and Board of Directors

Skills/Qualifications: Accounting, Corporate Finance, Reporting Skills, Deadline-Oriented, Reporting Research Results, Confidentiality, Time Management, Data Entry Management, General Math Skills

Optimal Education and Experience
• accounting degree or equivalent
• knowledge of generally accepted accounting, auditing & economic practices and principles
• knowledge of applicable laws, codes and regulations
• knowledge and experience of accounting computer applications
• a minimum of 3 years experience in the management of financial systems and budgets, financial reporting, financial data analysis, auditing, taxation and providing financial advice

Key Competencies
• attention to detail and accuracy
• information & task monitoring
• excellent planning and organizing
• problem identification & analysis
• strategic thinking • supervisory skills
• strong communication skills
• team player
• sense of humor
• empathic
• customer service oriented
• able to deal with end of life issues

To apply please send cover letter and resume to


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