Common Questions

People's Memorial Funeral Cooperative Common Questions

What is PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Funeral Co-op?

  • PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Funeral Cooperative is a licensed full-service funeral home located on Capitol Hill in Seattle.
  • It is owned by the 80,000 living members of PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Association.
  • Any profits that the business makes are reinvested back into the funeral home to better serve our members and the general public.

Do you have to be a member to use the Funeral Cooperative?

  • No, PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™Funeral Cooperative is open to the general public, however non-members pay a higher price for our services.
  • Whether a member or non-member, the Funeral Cooperative offers excellent value and prices that are well below other funeral homes in Seattle.

How is the Funeral Cooperative different from other funeral homes?

  • As a member-owned funeral home, PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Funeral Cooperative has a totally different feel than most mortuaries.
  • Families know they will be treated with respect and caring.
  • There is no pressure to upgrade your choices and there are no surprises about the bottom-line cost.
  • We do not have a huge “brick and mortar” edifice of a traditional funeral home, nor do we have money tied up in an expensive hearse and other equipment.  As a result, we pass the savings on to you.
  • We have a very comfortable arrangements office where you meet with a funeral director to plan a cremation or burial.  We don’t have the funeral home smell nor the creepy music of your grandmother’s day.
  • Our staff is focused on serving you in your time of loss and in providing arrangements that are within your budget.
  • Our goal is to provide a dignified farewell to your loved one with the best value anywhere.

Can the Funeral Co-op provide open-casket burial with viewing?

  • The Funeral Cooperative can provide any type of burial or cremation service.
  • If you wish to have a viewing or chapel service, we have several churches and other venues we contract with for such occasions.
  • If you have a faith community, we can arrange for viewing and services in your house of worship.
  • A hearse and limousine can also be arranged if you desire.
  • We offer a rental casket for those who wish to have a viewing or service with the body present, followed by cremation.
  • We also offer a full line of caskets at a better value than Costco or WalMart.

What is green burial?  How does the co-op provide it?

  • Green burial is a return to the natural burial practices of our ancestors.
  • An unembalmed body is enclosed in a cloth shroud, simple wooden box or woven casket and placed directly into the soil with no concrete vault or liner.
  • The Funeral Cooperative is proud to be the first funeral home in Seattle to be certified by the Green Burial Council to provide such arrangements.
  • There are currently two natural burial grounds in Washington state that are certified by the Green Burial Council
  • White Eagle Memorial Preserve, near Goldendale
  • The Meadow Natural Burial Ground in Ferndale.
  • In addition, Woodlawn Cemetery in Snohomish has a hybrid green burial section that is also certified by the Green Burial Council.

What is carbon-neutral cremation?

  • For each cremation we handle, the Funeral Cooperative invests in natural, clean solar and wind power through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.
  • For each cremation or burial the Funeral Cooperative handles, we plant a tree through American Forests.

What about traditional cemeteries?

  • The Funeral Cooperative can arrange for burial at any cemetery.
  • PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ currently has a couple contracted cemeteries where our members receive a 15% discount.
  • There are several municipal and independently-owned cemeteries in the Puget Sound area which can offer affordable burial options.
  • PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ also contracts with a direct-import monument company, Pacific Coast Memorials, who offers monuments at significantly reduced prices.

What if I want to be buried out of state or out of the country?

  • PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™Funeral Cooperative routinely arranges for the preparation and shipment of bodies all over the globe.
  • We do this at a price that is far less than other funeral homes in Seattle.

How do I become a member of the Funeral Cooperative?

  • Complete our membership application for PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Association, along with payment of $25 for lifetime membership.  This entitles you to discounted prices at the Funeral Cooperative.

Why a Cooperative?

  • The funeral home is wholly owned by the members of PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™ Association for the members’ mutual benefit.
  • A co-op is a democratically run organization that allows the members to pool resources and share the benefits.
  • Owning our own funeral home enables us to better control prices and quality of service as well as assure the long-term financial viability of PEOPLE’S MEMORIAL™.
  • Seattle is home to many cooperatives and credit unions, including Group Health, PCC Natural Food Markets, REI, Madison Market, Boeing Employees Credit Union to name a few.
  • Most Seattle-area residents are already a member of at least one co-op or credit union.
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